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06.12.2002 22:09 Terra

Here I have another nice update for those who want to make their desktop like a mechcockpit. :-)

- Lots of new skins for Winamp !
- New skin for Socket
- New skin for Yahoo Messenger

29.11.2002 00:09 Terra

I am not gone as some of you might think. I do not make such a huge project site and leave it for this. The reason for not posting any news is simple. I had to move home again back to Hamburg. And in my new flat I will have phone / internet the earliest on 2nd dezember. And at work is a big Firewall wich took me a while how to know to pass this damned thing. So from now on I hope I can inform you more often about new things of the BT-Movie scene.

There are some new things I could search for you.

- Old news moved now in the "News Archieve".

- Some Infos in the Faq added.

- Now the UZIEL mesh from Pawel is available in the mesh section.

- Some background information about the making of the music in mechwarrior 4 vengance in the Making Of section

- New great Mechwarrior skin for the Windows Media Player in the "Download Stuff" section


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