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29.10.2002 22:09 Terra

I am happy to say that everything is working fine. Now I can concentrate to the real things like my movie project and finding more attractive mecha related films in the www. and that the person who is talking to you becomes a face I have made a copy of my military identity card.


27.10.2002 19:19 Terra

Sorry, my downloads do not work until now. The problem is the DNS handling. I hope I can fix this on monday. Sorry for the inconvenience.


26.10.2002 19:25 Terra

Uff! What a trouble. After the provider killed the server of my friend (where I was hosted), because of trouble with copyright protected files, I started to find free webspace for my site. But it was nothing to find. Every provider had his own restrictions and it seemed that there would be no chance to put my site up again. The problems are my movies. No one wants to host the movie files because they make a lot of traffic and need a bunch of webspace. The reason for me to find a provider with no costs for me is, the site you can see here is totaly free. Everything is fan made, no fxxxing banners and pop-ups are disturbing and I do not earn enough money to pay a lot of money when I even not earn compliments from the people outside in the world. All the work here for this site took nearly five months in my free time. Most of the time I spent checking all my meshes, flipping normals and rendering small pics, to paste them finally to the site. All to put only the best of them on my site to give an impression to you, if it is worth the download.
The next will be a logo animation for the intro (have a look in the projects section) and to translate some nice tutorials for you to make great effects in 3D MAX.
I found out there are some guys working with lightwave and they had pretty results. If someone would take the leadership for tutorials in this section write me an e-mail.



28.08.2002 23:55 Terra

Don't worry, I am still working on my site. But the last weeks I had to finish a big project at work. So I only wanted to relax when I came home. At the moment I want to finish my Locust as seen in my Projects topic. But good news. I could contact a guy from and he sent me his meshes. Now I can add an Overlord Dropship in my announced update in the Aero-Space Mesh section! I hope I finish my texturing for my mech in about two weeks. Then I make the promised update.


07.08.2002 23:06 Terra

Added new Planet Tutorial


04.08.2002 00:15 Terra

Mesh of the LOCUST finished. Image can be found under "Projects/Short cinematic trailer"
Fixed movie links in "Projects" and added them in the movie section.



21.07.2002 19:32 Terra

Update in movie archieve


18.07.2002 23:33 Terra


Blade from NZN for supporting me with webspace! Have a look on his page. The link can be found on the right.

Carrera for translating the disclaimer

Big update in Mesh section


08.07.2002 00:00 Terra

Project for a short cinamtic trailer started. It can be found at "Projects".


04.07.2002 20:50 Terra

Update in Audio Section:


02.07.2002 19:50 Terra

Update in Mesh Section:

Update in Download Stuff:
BattleTech Movie Banners. A large and a small one



24.06.2002 21:00 Terra

Update in Movie Section
Fixed new mesh links


23.06.2001 23:30 Terra

Update in Mesh Section:


21.06.2002 19:30 Terra

Sorry that I messed up with this damned banners. But I think now it is ok.


21.06.2002 01:04 Terra

Here it is! My new portal for all BattleTech freaks who want to make a nice rendering - or better... a great trailer! This site is kept in english, because I want not to reach only people here in germany. If we want to have a BattleTech film we have to do it by ourselves - all over the world. The technique is cheap and far enough that you can make your own home-video.

The idea to start a site like this is very easy. There is none. A few years ago there was a site called MCA (Mech Construction Association). But now most of this rare stuff is gone. But after rescueing my crashed harddrive I could get this rare stuff back. In many forums I found a articles about "When comes a BattleTech film", or how cool/bad the new Mechwarrior 4 intro was. I had the honor to work with Steffen Hacker on his final examination. I was inspired before to make my own trailer, but his project gave me the kick.

While I am working on this site, I realize the site will get larger than expected. So please be patient. I will work on this all possible time I can offer. If you are looking for something special, please make a post in the forum under subject Computergrafik or send me an e-mail. If I have what you are looking for, I load it up and make a post here in front. Everytime I uploaded something I make a post here at the homesite.

Please do not panic if there are some links who still does not work. I have to upload them at work. If I would do this at home I would get a phone bill - I do not want to think about.



Col. Gooseman